2019 Numerology - Universal Year 12/3

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Numerology is the study of the synchronous patterns and vibrations of numbers as they relate to and coincide with our individual experience, as well as that of the collective. 2019 is a 12/3 year in numerology, which means that the entire human collective will be experiencing the energies of numbers 12 and 3. Corresponding with the tarot, 12 is The Hanged Man and 3 is The Empress.

The Hanged Man represents the spiritual journey; he is the archetypal Buddha sitting under the bodhi tree. This card represents enlightenment, divine timing, looking at the world from a different perspective and potentially with whole new eyes. This year may require you to shift your perspective in how you view the world and others around you. If you haven’t already had a spiritual awakening, you may experience one this year.

The number 3 in numerology represents fun, creativity, self-expression, communication and social interaction. The Empress, ruled by Venus, governs beauty, art, abundance, fertility, creativity, new ideas, nurturing, and divine femininity. She is Gaia, the Great Mother. The Empress’s influence on 2019 may bring a deeper connection to nature, the arts, as well as the creation of new projects, starting new jobs, possibly even bringing children into the world. When paired with The Hanged Man, this indicates our abundance and creative endeavors will most likely come from our new ways of viewing and doing things, or perhaps through our spiritual pursuits.

As relates to our communities, our politics, and the planet, The Hanged Man may indicate a global awakening, one which will require us to be innovative and find new approaches to how we solve major issues. The old ways of thinking, and perhaps even old policies, won't work this year; we need to shake things up. The Empress will assist with this as she brings hope, love, abundance, and creativity to our interactions with each other and to our beautiful green Earth.

What changes would you like to see this year?

Where would you like to experience abundance, new growth, and creativity?

Are you willing to look at that area of your life from a different angle than you have before?

To learn more about your Personal Year number as it applies to 2019, click here.

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