Connecting To Your Higher Self with Tarot Cards

One of my favorite daily practices is using tarot and oracle cards to get in touch with my intuition and my higher self. Oftentimes when I am faced with great challenges or am experiencing suffering or depression, it can be difficult for me to see through the mental and emotional fog. Is what I'm feeling just my ego acting out of fear, or is it my intuition? Is this my Higher Self that is wanting this outcome, or is it my inner child who is trying to protect me? I will ask some questions and pull from my tarot cards, which never fail to give me the answer I am most needing. I often couple this exercise with some journaling, reflection, and meditation. It is the best kind of therapy. I've posted a video on my YouTube channel where I go over some question prompts you can use to connect with your Higher Self, and I do a couple sample readings so you get a general idea of what it looks like (Link is in my bio). Below are some question prompts to help you get started: 1. What does my inner child desire most right now?

2. What does my inner child need most right now?

3. What does my Higher Self desire most right now? (Sometimes this answer can be very different from what your inner child desires)

4. What does my Higher Self need most right now?

5. What is my greatest fear in this situation?

6. What next step can I take towards healing?

7. Where can I extend myself more compassion in this situation? And my personal favorites, especially if you're experiencing strong anxiety:

8. What do I need to understand about this situation?

9. What is this situation trying to teach me? Best of luck to you all on your healing journey. Know that you are never alone and you are always deeply loved and supported.

Love, Caroline

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