Discover your Personal Year Number for 2019

In numerology, each human life is divided into nine-year cycles. Each cycle, or stage, involves learning new things, growing, meeting challenges, self-discovery, and making connections with others. Knowing your Personal Year number for 2019 can help you determine what this year will be about for you. It can also be a huge help when making plans and setting goals.

To determine your Personal Year number, use this formula: (day of birth) + (month of birth) + 2019 = Personal Year (reduce to a single digit). For example, take someone born on June 6. You would calculate (6) +(6) + (2019)= 2031, converted to 2+0+3+1= 6. That individual would currently be in their Personal Year 6.

Once you've got your Personal Year number, find it below to see what 2019 will be about for you:

Personal Year 1: The Magician

Year 1 is about beginnings, starting new projects, planting new seeds. You just finished your 9 year, which was about bringing the past nine years of learning, growth, and progress to completion. Now that you have completed the last stage, you can create new beginnings with the foundation you just built.

Corresponding with the Tarot, the 1st card of the Major Arcana is The Magician. He is all about manifesting, creating, sharpening one's skills and using them to bring forth a new world. This also sets the tone for this new 9-year cycle. Consider The Magician as the cosmic gardener---whatever seeds you plant this year, and indeed over the next several years, will be what you harvest in Year 9, so make sure you really want to reap what you sow! Use the skills, experience, and desires you've cultivated thus far to help shape the life you create for yourself throughout this next cycle.

Personal Year 2: The High Priestess

Year 2 is about connection. Connecting to your intuition, your inner self, with Spirit, and with others. You spent the last year hustling, creating new projects, building your career and envisioning your future, so this year is about listening to the higher wisdom that will continue to guide you along your path. It's also about seeking out the people that can take you there. Go out and network. Strengthen the bonds with those close to you. Prioritize friends and family, connect with your guides and allow your intuition to assist you as you continue along your journey.

The High Priestess represents your deep inner knowing; if something feels right, follow it. If you struggle with listening to your intuition, I suggest meditating with this card. Sit in a comfortable position, and when you are ready, envision yourself stepping into the card. Approach The High Priestess and talk to her. Ask her for guidance on whatever is troubling you.

Personal Year 3: The Empress

Year 3 is about creativity and self-expression. The next year, Personal Year 4, will be very focused on building strong foundations. Before you can do that, you need to allow yourself to explore, discover, have fun and try new things. This is the year to experiment. Start a creative project, train for a triathlon, take guitar lessons, travel to a different country, you name it!

The Empress, ruled by Venus, governs beauty, art, abundance, fertility, creativity, new ideas, nurturing, and divine femininity. She is Gaia, the Earth Mother. The Empress’s influence on 2019 may bring a deeper connection to nature, the arts, as well as the creation of new projects or starting new jobs. She will assist you with self-confidence, and may even bring new love, or perhaps even a new baby, into the world. Express gratitude to her and your bounty will be plentiful.

Personal Year 4: The Emperor

Year 4 is about building. You've done some groundwork in over the last few years, so now we must build up. This year is about putting your nose to the grindstone and remaining dedicated to your work, whatever that may be.

The Emperor is a great ally as he is ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline, focus, and restriction. The Emperor avoids frivolity and temptations that get in the way of his goals. He is singularly focused, motivated and determined to succeed. Look to where Saturn is transiting in your birth chart this year to see where you will be experiencing the most discipline. If you don't have a birth chart yet, click here to order yours.

Personal Year 5: The Hierophant

Year 5 is about changing and re-evaluating. I like to think of the number 5 as the cocoon. You are transforming, breaking down the old, regenerating. This is metamorphosis, and it's not always comfortable, but it is necessary. During this time of intense change, I recommend that you keep an eye out for the numbers, symbols, and animals that frequently appear to you during this time. They are messengers sent by your guides to assist you.

The Hierophant represents tradition, values, and authority figures. His presence this year could indicate that you need to return to a structured belief system to help guide you, or perhaps you need to let go of tradition and old ways of thinking as they are holding you back. The lessons he will teach you depend on where you are currently, and where you'd like to be. Pay attention to the areas of your life that have friction, tension, and discomfort. Here is where you need to change your approach or your perspective.

Personal Year 6: The Lovers

Year 6 is about nurturing---nurturing your relationships, building your family, establishing your place in the community, practicing self-care. As you are only a few years away from the completion of this 9-year cycle, now is the time for a little rest and focus on the relationships that will ultimately take you to the finish line. We can't do this alone. It is with the support of loved ones that we are able to make progress through this life. Emphasis on friends, family, social networks and community will be felt this year.

The Lovers represent divine unions. This year could bring in new romance, a karmic partner, twin flame, a new friend or important business partner. This card also represents the first and most sacred relationship---the relationship with your Self, your soul, and your connection to Spirit. Do not abandon the needs of your soul for the sake of another this year. Nourish only the connections that nourish you.

Personal Year 7: The Chariot

Year 7 is about re-evaluating. Since we are nearing the end of this 9-year cycle, this phase is necessary to take one last look at who we are and what we've created so far. Are we where we want to be? This phase can sometimes be a little challenging, even painful at times. It's about diving inward, looking at your darkness, your relationships, your career, and acknowledging what may need to change or be released altogether. Since we have The Hanged Man as one of our universal energies this year, trust that he will be assisting you during this awakening process.

The Chariot is here to remind you that while this year may be uncomfortable, you will be victorious. In order to emerge as the triumphant gladiator, there may be some pain and some struggle that has to come first, but glory lasts forever. You will not be the same after this year. If you do your inner work, you will be stronger and more resilient.

Personal Year 8: Strength

This year is about expansion. You've done a lot of work over these last 7 years, and they haven't all been rainbows and sunshine. You've put yourself and your work out there, started new projects, met new people, you even learned some tough lessons, and now you get to focus on putting all of that into context. This year is about growing, casting a wider net, and seeing just how high you can climb.

The Strength card is here to teach you that sometimes the path to success is the one with the least resistance. The woman in the strength card tames the lion not through force or authority, but by earning his trust. By being patient. This is a card of surrender and stepping into flow state. You might be surprised by how far this can take you.

Personal Year 9: The Hermit

The final year of this cycle, year 9 is about completion. You are now harvesting all the seeds you have planted over these past 8 years. All your hard work, growth, and transformation will come to a head this year as you realize all you have done and who you have become.

The Hermit, one of my absolute favorite cards in the Tarot deck, is a wise counselor who learns by turning inward, questioning the world around him and getting to the root of things: the heart of the matter. He then shares his knowledge (through his lantern) with the world to help light the path forward. The Hermit is a card of service to others. What have you learned over these last 8 years that you can share with the world? How can you light the path for others so that they may see in the darkness?

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