Dreamcasting - Manifest Your Future

Let’s have some fun today, shall we? Do a quick dreamcasting exercise with me:

Envision you’re standing in the middle of a brightly-lit white room. To your right is a rectangular table with nothing on it. To your left, a feet away, is another long table with hundreds of glass bottles on top. Walk over to it.

Now imagine someone in your life that you’re grateful for, someone who builds you up, brings you joy, and adds meaning to your life. Grab a bottle to represent this person and place it on the empty table behind you. Repeat this step for every individual you can think of that you’re grateful for. Take your time.

Next envision every physical item in your life that adds joy and meaning, grab a bottle for each of those and place it on the table behind you. Lastly, grab a bottle for every one of your beliefs, perspectives, personality traits, strengths and flaws that you’re grateful for and place it on the table behind you.

With the remaining glass bottles on the table in front of you, I want you to think of every person in your life that brings you down, holds you back, makes you feel like shit or inhibits your growth. Grab a bottle for each of those individuals and organize them in rows to your left. Next think of every physical item in your life that isn’t useful and could be considered clutter or extraneous. Grab a bottle for each of those and organize them in front of you. Off to your right, grab a bottle for every negative thought, outdated perspective, character trait, flaw or addiction that is not serving you and is keeping you small. Organize those into rows, leaving unused bottles off to the side. Good. Quickly glance over the bottles, bless them, express gratitude for their service.

Now comes the fun part. At the far end of this table is a sledgehammer. Yes, you see where I’m going with this. Next to it are a pair of black leather gloves and plastic goggles; safety first kids, put those on. Great, now close your eyes, grab that sledgehammer, and smash the hell out of those nicely organized bottles until there’s nothing but shards left. That felt good, didn’t it?

Sweep the broken glass onto the floor. Under this table is a wooden crate filled with brand new, shiny crystal bottles. This is your future. Place a bottle on the table for each new person, place, thing or idea you want to bring into your life. Envision that reality now.

The creator in me bows to the creator in you.

God speed,


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