The way that Spirit communicates with us varies person to person. We each have our own unique gifts and intuitive abilities. For me, the divine communicates through patterns, images, synchronicity, and most loudly, through Nature and her symbols. Often an animal will appear in my surroundings (or through images if that animal does not live near me) in a significant way in order to convey a message. If I don't get the message at first, Nature will bring that animal to me again and again until I do. She is very generous that way---she will keep bringing you the same lesson until you learn it!

The animal Spirit chose for me to share with you today may not be your favorite, but it is very powerful nonetheless...

Spider Spirit has much to teach us at this moment in time. The message is that now is the time to remember who you are and what you came here to do. We are all divine creators of our own destiny, and the web we weave today with our words and our actions defines what our future will look like. Spiders have long been associated with creativity. They are brilliant engineers and the webs they create are spectacular to behold. Spiderwebs are not only beautiful, they are extremely tough as well. It may be easy to knock one down, but it is very difficult to actually break the thread of spider silk. This is because their silk is lightweight, highly resilient, and stronger than steel (when comparing the ratio of strength by density). Steel can only absorb about 2,000 to 6,000 joules of kinetic energy before breaking. In order to break spider silk, you need well over 100,000 joules per kilogram. [1]

Additionally, Spider is incredibly resourceful. Unlike many predators, most spiders do not expend energy hunting one prey at a time. Instead, they build a large web and then sit and wait while numerous insects come to them. This teaches us that sometimes it is best not to focus on just one outcome or project, but rather to cast a wide net and be open-minded...eventually something will stick.

Most spiders also lack good eyesight, so they rely on feeling vibrations in their web to indicate that they have caught something. In a similar fashion, perhaps it is best for us to focus not on what we see with our eyes or with the mind, but rather pay attention to what vibrates within the depths of our soul. When something resonates with you, listen to that and go for it!

Art by Stephanie Law, as featured in her Shadowscape Tarot deck

Dreamweavers, it is time to engineer your destiny. The threads you spin now will have a lasting impact, so go forth and create a magnificent life!

I will now end with an old Cherokee legend that goes something like this:

In the beginning there was only blackness, and nobody could see anything. People kept bumping into each other and groping blindly. They said: ''What this world needs is light.'' Fox said he knew some people on the other side of the world who had plenty of light, but they were too greedy to share it with others. Possum said he would be glad to steal a little of it."I have a bushy tail," he said. "I can hide the light inside all that fur." Then he set out for the other side of the world. There he found the sun hanging in a tree and lighting everything up. He sneaked over to the sun, picked out a tiny piece of light, and stuffed it into his tail. But the light was hot and burned all the fur off. The people discovered his theft and took back the light, and ever since, Possoum's tail has been bald. "Let me try," said Buzzard. "I know better than to hide a piece of stolen light in my tail. I'll put it on my head." He flew to the other side of the world and, diving straight into the sun, seized it with his claws. He put it on his head, but it burned his head feathers off. The people grabbed the sun away from him, and ever since that time Buzzard's head has remained bald. Grandmother Spider said,"Let me try!" First she made a thick-walled pot out of clay. Next she spun a web reaching all the way to the other side of the world. She was so small that none of the people there noticed her coming. Quickly Grandmother Spider snatched up the sun, put it in the bowl of clay, and scrambled back home along one of the strands of her web. Now her side of the world had light, and everyone rejoiced." [2]

The moral of the story is never underestimate the power of something small to accomplish great things. You may at times feel small and insignificant, but even you have the power to harness the sun's energy and bring light to the world around you.

Namaste, Caroline *Sources:

[1] Kraig Biocraft Laboratories

[2] "Grandmother Spider Steals The Sun", from the book American Indian Myths and Legends, Selected and Edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz

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