Embracing Uncertainty

As an astrologer and tarot reader, some of the questions I'm most frequently asked by my clients are: "Will this relationship work out?" "Do we have a future together?" "Is this the right career for me long-term?" I get it. Uncertainty is terrifying. We often ruminate over all the possible scenarios and outcomes in our minds to make sure we don't make the "wrong" choice. We often want to avoid pain at all costs. But these questions are dangerous because they strip you of your personal power and they miss the point of life, which is to grow and evolve as a soul. Here's the thing to remember: pain and uncertainty are our greatest teachers. Some of the most valuable lessons we learn in life come from the experiences that "didn't work out". These lessons make us stronger. Oftentimes, it's these very experiences which form the necessary foundation for the situations or relationships in our lives that WILL work out. You can't skip steps, and you can't avoid disappointment or heartache. If you have the courage to face uncertainty and take risks, even without having all the answers, you will become the true warrior and hero of your own life. (Disclaimer: don't ignore your intuition; always take calculated risks. I'm not suggesting you be reckless!) So here are some empowering questions you can ask in a tarot or astrology reading: Is this person trustworthy? What are their intentions at the moment? What does this relationship have to teach me? What blocks do I need to remove to help bring me closer to a soulmate relationship? Where do I need to heal? What skills am I acquiring in my current job that are helping to guide me to my greater purpose? What is my intuition trying to tell me about this situation or individual? Go forth, dear warriors, and embrace life to the fullest. Be brave! Trust in the Universe, that it is always supporting you and serving your highest good. With love, Caroline

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