Full Moon in Aries

Today's Aries Full moon is a fiesty one, loves. Egos are raging and insecurities have bubbled to the surface. Aries is the first of the twelve zodiac signs, and she's a fiesty warrior. Aries is bold, courageous, passionate, and self-focused. Aries is a rule-breaker, a pioneer, a vixen. When it comes to how we define ourselves, the sky is the limit in this fiery energy. However, today is a full moon. Just as the tides swell at the beckoning of this brilliantly shining lunar goddess, so too do our emotions. Full Moons are about releasing and letting go so that we can heal, grow stronger, and evolve. What might come up for you today are deep-set insecurities that have been buried for a while---fear of abandonment, fear of not being good enough, and especially fear of oppression, control and manipulation. Aries does NOT like to be told what to do, so you might find yourself rebelling today against old paradigms and outdated beliefs.

Usually in my full moon rituals I suggest doing some reflection and inner work, but today we're skipping right to the confidence-boosting, ooey gooey, jelly-filled center. Below you will find a suggested ritual and playlist for today's full moon. . ******Viewer discretion is advised*******

Suggested Full Moon Ritual:

1. Masturbate - Stimulate your fiery root chakra by pleasuring yourself, all by yourself. Or have sex with a partner, if they manage not to piss you off today. Or hey, have makeup sex. 2. Take out a journal and make a list of all the things you're fed up with or the people you're pissed off at. Next to each item on the list, write in all caps FUCK YOU. Then set the list on fire (safely) and watch it burn, baby burn. 3. Wear red - shirt, shoes, lipstick, smear yourself with some fake halloween blood, whatever suits your fancy. Go all out. 4. Punch a pillow, do some high kicks, take a kickboxing class---get out all that inner aggression. 5. DO watch your words. Anger & frustration may rear their head today, so be mindful of how you are expressing yourself with people---some words you can't take back. Suggested Full Moon Playlist:

1. Blow - Chris Stapleton, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran

2. Blue Blood Blues - The Dead Weather

3. Black Betty - Spiderbait

4. Jungle - X Ambassadors

5. Bloody Waters - Ab-Soul, Anderson .Paak, James Blake

6. Outta Your Mind - Lil Jon, LMFAO

7. Dance in the Dark - Lady Gaga

8. Bad Reputation - Joan Jett

9. Rise - League of Legends

10. Angel of Death - Slayer

11. Iron Man - Black Sabbath

Happy Full Moon, lovelies.


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