Full Moon in Pisces

Tonight at 12:33 a.m. EST the moon completes it's full moon phase. It's a Full Harvest Moon on Friday the 13th! That hasn't happened since October 2000 and won't happen again for many many years. What a perfect way to kick off the upcoming Halloween season! When the moon is in the watery sign of Pisces, we are asked to connect to our spirituality, our capacity to empathize with others on a deeper, more meaningful level, and to check in with what we are feeling and what our intuition is telling us. This is a great time for reflection, for thoughtfulness, and for tapping into our creativity and imagination. Pisces is ruled by the dreamy, idealistic, sometimes delusional Neptune, so this is not the best time to make important decisions or have logic-based conversations as our brains are a bit foggy now. Instead, take a soothing bath or dance naked under the moonlight. Make out, make love, make art. Dream of what an ideal, beautiful world could look like, and start to build that world. Smile. Laugh. Fall in love. Happy full moon, lovelies. Sending you all dreamy, moonlit kisses. Caroline

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