Full Moon in Sagittarius

Image by Xuan Nguyen via Unsplash.

The key phrase for this full strawberry moon is Spirit Warrior. We are in the midst of an astrological hail storm with the Jupiter Neptune Square yesterday, and our Mars and Mercury opposition to Pluto on Thursday. This is some super heavy energy folks, so if you've been struggling with low energy, a foggy mind, depression or anxiety the past few days, know you are not alone. These cosmic energies are forcing us all into a pressure tank, requiring us to quickly transmute old stagnant energies into new, vibrant ones, and to learn how to surrender and adapt. The only way we can (peacefully) overcome these challenging outer forces is to lean on a Higher Power. We don't have to go through life alone, and we don't have to suffer needlessly. There are angels and guides at your immediate disposal, all you have to do is ask for help, ask for signs and guidance and you shall receive it. When you form an alliance with Spirit you become truly powerful, and not only are you able to overcome challenges, but you can learn to harness the power of pain and suffering and turn it into resilience, courage, and strength. I highly recommend taking a hot bath for this full moon to help heal mind, body and soul. My only other ritual suggestion for this moon is to take out a piece of paper (or your computer) and journal about something you're really struggling through right now. Then ask: 1. What is this situation teaching me?

2. What do I need to understand about this situation that I am not able to see at this moment?

3. How can I surrender to this moment, no matter how painful, so that I may experience peace? Then say this affirmation: "I am willing and open to receiving help in this situation. I surrender the outcome and trust that my guides will assist me in a way that serves my highest good and the highest good of all beings." Embrace the strength that comes from aligning with the divine---the loving consciousness that dwells in all things. Much love, Caroline

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