How to work with spirit animals...

I mentioned in my previous post about how White Wolf spirit came to me in a dream. I have been working with her since 2014, and she provides me with wisdom and insight into the nature of spirituality and the evolution of the soul. I actually have two spirit animals I work with on a regular basis---the white wolf and the black panther. They are my power animals, and they protect me when I'm doing shadow work, astral projection and past-life regressions. I highly recommend working with spirit animals not just for when doing spiritual work, but also when healing past traumas and when you need extra confidence. They will protect your energy field and can help calm you down in stressful situations as well. How to find your spirit animal(s): 1. The first step is to simply ask for them to reveal themselves. Free will is a major universal law, and Spirit will not violate this. With all things, to initiate a spiritual experience you must give your consent. 2. Now open your mind and your perception to receiving your spirit animal. It may reveal itself to you in a dream, it may appear in your environment, or in an image or movie that you come across. Another way to discover it is through a visualization exercise---go into meditation, and once you are relaxed enough, imagine you are wandering through a peaceful forest. In the heart of the forest is a large, ancient oak tree. Your spirit animal will appear to you there when you are ready. 3. Next, do visualizations with your spirit animal(s) regularly. I have worked with mine before going into job interviews, when working through stress and anxiety, and when I have trouble falling asleep at night. My animal guides sit on either side of me and protect me at all times by helping to calm the mind and by enabling me to step into my power. I play with them, talk to them, and ask for their advice and guidance often. Other spirit animals may come to you at different phases in your life when you need to work with their specific energies, so pay attention to the animals and signs that appear around you. To learn more about working with spirit animals, spirit guides, or to understand more about the spiritual realm and the afterlife, book a spiritual counseling session with me here.

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