Individuation - New Moon in Aries

The Aries theme for this new lunar month is Individuation. According to the late psychologist Carl Jung, individuation is the process by which the personal and collective unconscious parts of the brain are merged in order to form a complete, authentic personality. This crucial step to self-actualization is all about letting go of the need to please others, to act a certain way to get approval, or behave according to societal conventions "just because" someone said to. It means releasing old patterns, beliefs and values that you adopted during childhood that, in fact, you do not truly agree with. Self-actualization is the journey of self-discovery. Who are you, really? Not according to others' definition, but according to yours? What are your dreams? Your values? What do you aspire to? What gives your life meaning? What is your ideal expression of your gender, identity, and sexuality, independent of what society has taught you it should look like? If you knew you would never be judged, ostracized, or condemned for your decisions or behaviors, how would you act? What would you say? Today's New Moon ritual is simple: Take some time to visualize what it would look like to think, speak, and act with complete freedom. What is the highest, most authentic version of your Self? How can you let go of your fears, so that this genuine version of You can step forward? With love đź’‹


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