Jupiter Retrograde

Today, Jupiter stations Retrograde until August 12th of this year. Don't panic, dear ones, this will be nothing like Mercury retrograde. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and moves much slower than Mercury, so its effects will be more subtle. Jupiter, considered the great benefic, is the planet of expansion, abundance, and good fortune. When retrograde, this does not mean we will be experiencing misfortune. Instead, Jupiter, our greatest spiritual teacher, will be asking us to look at the areas in our life (and in our subconscious) where we are blocking our own joy and abundance. Namely: 1. Consider what brings you the greatest joy and pleasure. Make a list. Do you give yourself permission to experience these things on a regular basis?

2. Do you often put other people's needs above your own? 3. Do you prioritize productivity for the sake of busyness in order to appear "successful", instead of savoring the present moment and expressing appreciation for the blessed life you have been given? 4. Where do you need to shift your mindset from one of lack to one of abundance, gratitude, and hope for the future? 5. Last, but not least, make your sensuality a priority. Go to the grocery store and pick out items that you would love to taste (forget about calories). Put on lotion, perfume, or cologne that makes you smell wonderful. Wear clothes that make you feel sexy. Take the time to touch every inch of your body in a way that feels exquisite. Play with yourself đź’‹ We cannot expect to receive from others that which we first deny in ourselves. Make your pleasure a priority. Open up the floodgates to joy, my loves, and see how the river will continue to flow for you.

Many blessings, Caroline

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