Light and Shadow

"Wolf and Raven" by Franziska Wenzel

Wolf and raven, light and shadow, intuition and logic.

Wolves and ravens have hunted together for over a millennia. It is believed that ravens help lead wolves to their prey, alert them to dangers, and in gratitude wolves share their kill with them. Both species are highly social in nature, and have even been observed playing together. Everything in nature exists to teach us important lessons. In this case, the white wolf is a perfect example of our light, our intuition, our higher self. Raven symbolizes logic, cunning, ego, and our shadow self--our deepest, darkest secrets and pain. Applying the lesson from this real-life animal partnership: to thrive on this earth, find joy, and experience heaven, we must embrace and understand our light as well as our dark. Only then can we experience healing, wholeness, and true partnership.

Many people may be familiar with the principles of light work: spreading love, positivity, acceptance, doing energy healing, prayer, meditation, etc. To learn more about shadow work, check out these articles on Loner Wolf, or visit Luna of @tarotofthewolves on Instagram. Both these blogs have been instrumental in helping me heal and embrace my shadow.

Best of luck on your journey,


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