Mercury Direct Conjunct Neptune - Healing the Masculine & Feminine

Today, Mercury stations direct in Pisces after being submerged in its murky depths for the past few weeks. Swimming to the surface, Mercury is finally able to take in a huge breath, completely and utterly relieved. He’s ready to get back on solid ground. But just as he climbs into his life raft and prepares to return to shore, he realizes he is not alone. With him in his life boat is none other than [gasp!] Neptune, the god of the sea. Not so fast, Mercury. Our water adventure isn’t finished yet! Yep, Mercury is direct today, but forms a nice, cozy conjunction to Neptune, lasting for the next couple of weeks.

The fog around your thinking and communication will clear a bit now, but the emphasis will still be on healing, empathy, and spirituality for several days yet. Yet don’t worry, the planets don’t just [bowl] their way around the Sun haphazardly; there is a purpose in all things. Venus is now in Aquarius, sign of the future, humanitarianism, and innovation, for the next few weeks, and Mars enters Gemini, sign of thinking and communication, on March 31st, where it will reside until mid-May. It is no coincidence that Mars and Venus, the masculine and feminine planets, are entering communication signs after our deep dive into the emotional, spiritual, and creative energy of Pisces. Their message is clear: to bridge the gap in understanding between masculine and feminine, yin and yang, it’s time to share where we have healed, and what we have learned. Now is the time to come together out of compassion, and in recognition of our shared divinity.

Look to the houses in your birth chart that are ruled by Pisces, Gemini and Aquarius to see what areas in your life Mercury, Mars and Venus are traveling through. This will also indicate where, how, and with whom you need to share your recently acquired strength and wisdom.

If you don’t have your birth chart or would like to book an astrology reading with me, click here.

May Neptune bless you all with sunken treasure, my loves.


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