Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

That's right folks, it's Mercury Retrograde again! This time the messenger planet takes the elevator all the way down to the basement---into Scorpio territory.

Here's the quick and dirty, need-to-know survival tips for this Mercury Rx season (lasting from 10/31 until 11/20)

Mercury Retrograde is about pausing, reflection, intuition, and inner work. In the sign of Scorpio, extra emphasis will be placed on psychology, shadow work, and psychic development.

Technical glitches, travel mishaps, and machinery malfunction can and WILL happen. Mercury is particularly fond of Murphy's Law.

Back up your phone, save a draft of whatever you're typing, take your car in for an oil change or checkup, and double-check documents, emails, contracts, etc.

Be mindful of how you communicate. Truths do come out during Mercury Rx, and not always tactfully. Think before you speak.

Don't force productivity. If you are experiencing glitches and setbacks, take this as the Universe's sign that it's time for you to slow down, meditate, reassess, re-prioritize. Things will ease up in a few weeks.

Overall, now is a great time to clear out your demons and to sharpen your intuitive abilities. We all have them; you're no exception. There are no true muggles in this world, only witches and wizards who are still asleep. Wake the fuck up, Queen!

Happy Halloween and Samhain,


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