New Moon in Gemini

Tonight's new moon seems to hold a particular significance, not just for me as a Gemini, but also because it seems to be ushering in a greater cosmic awakening. The veil is thinning further, my loves, and our intuition will be getting stronger, thanks to Gemini lending her energy of communication to the Goddess of the moon. Just the other night, as I was thinking about the themes of this new moon, I had a dream about a moon goddess, and just before I woke, I heard the word "Rhiannon" whispered into my ear. How very fitting, I later learned, as Rhiannon was a Celtic moon goddess often worshipped during lunar rituals, and she was representative of sovereignty, cleverness, sexuality, and dream work. She was the inspiration behind Fleetwood Mac's song of the same name, and Stevie Nicks is herself a Gemini. So, some seriously magickal moon energy in the ethers for you all tonight! Be sure you take advantage of it! Below is a suggested ritual for this Gemini New Moon: Since new moons are about creativity, new growth and new projects, for this ritual you will need a plant (your own, or use a bush/tree outside) and some water. 1. Hold a small container of water in your hands and, with your eyes closed, bless it with love, hope, and joy. 2. Think of a few personal dreams/desires you'd like to manifest in your life over the next several weeks. Visualize your first desire, then poor some water onto your plant. Repeat this step with each of your dreams. 3. When finished, hold your hands over your plant and speak to it, asking that it nourish your desires, and express gratitude to it for watching over them for you. As the plant grows, so too will your dreams. Now finish off the ritual with a meditation, or a ritual bath with rose petals and essential oils of your choice. Suggested song for this ritual: Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac...obvi!

Sending you all love,


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