New Moon in Libra

Artist: Hua Sanchuan

Since today's New Moon is ruled by the planet Venus, let's spend some quality time with this divine goddess today. Venus was the Roman goddess of love, beauty, and desire. In our birth charts, Venus represents how we love others and how we wish to be loved in return. She represents what we value, how we perceive beauty in the world around us, how we relate to nature, and the type of art we are drawn to. As the divine feminine, Venus represents our anima---our inner femininity---and how we project that femininity onto others. Before we can deepen our intimacy with the people in our lives, we must first understand how we experience love within ourselves. After all, we cannot love another authentically if we don't understand our own relationship to love and beauty. To help you make the most of today's New Moon, here are some question prompts for you to consider. Take what inspires you, and leave what doesn't: 1. What are your current beliefs about love and intimacy? 2. What kind of love---and partnership---did your parents model for you growing up? 3. What societal norms were you raised with regarding love, and how do you relate to them---or disagree with them---now? 4. What limiting beliefs do you currently have around love, and how might they be keeping you from experiencing intimacy? 5. What does a healthy, fulfilling partnership look like to you? 6. How can you enact that partnership within yourself, starting today? 7. How do you define beauty? What kinds of art and music inspires you?

Exercise: A Conversation with Venus

Find a comfortable and quiet place where you will be undisturbed. Now close your eyes and imagine the goddess Venus is standing before you. What does she look like? What is she wearing? What makes her beautiful to you? How do other people treat her and interact with her? How does she interact with them? What are her surroundings? What does she say to you? What suggestions does she have for how you can love and appreciate yourself more? Happy New Moon, lovers 💋 Caroline

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