Pluto stations Direct & Mercury enters Scorpio

You know that scene in a horror flick where an eerie sound is heard from deep within the basement? Next the protagonist has to make the descent down the long, dark, creepy stairwell. Hairs stand on end, beads of sweat drip down the skin, they move slowly, flashlight shaking in their hands and wood creaking beneath their feet. And we the audience, not wanting to face our own fears, shout at the screen “DON’T GO DOWN THERE!”

In this analogy, Mercury is our protagonist and Pluto is what lies beneath.

The “hidden monster” is a common trope used throughout horror films to represent elements hidden within our personal and collective psyche---our fears, repressed desires, our shame, the secrets that we fear would destroy us if unearthed. The monster can also represent power struggles and corruption in our society.

Pluto, which rules over Scorpio, represents the shadow self, that which we wish to remain hidden. Pluto is the struggle for power and control. Pluto is our pain, past traumas, our fear of mortality. Yet the beauty to Pluto is that once we have the courage to face our inner demons, the pathway to transformation and freedom lies ahead. Once the protagonist defeats the monster at the end of the film, the storm clouds part, the sun comes out, and everyone walks off into the sunset.

When Mercury is in Scorpio, honesty, emotional intimacy, and psychological depth in our relationships become a priority. Mercury wants to dig up that which we have buried within us---old resentments, unexpressed needs and vulnerabilities---because keeping them hidden prevents us from living an authentic, meaningful life. With Mercury in Scorpio, the truth must come out, and when Pluto stations direct, these issues will bubble to the surface.

So now my friends, you are the protagonist of your own life. What lies hidden in your basement? What truth must be spoken? What do you need to express or let go of so that you can deepen your connection with others and live a life of greater honesty and deeper meaning?

Be brave, warriors. The key to freedom is in your hands.



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