Sun enters Scorpio

It's Scorpio Season!

Wow, there's so much I can say about this sign, and I'm not going to lie to you---Scorpio is my favorite of the Zodiac. Now all the rest of you out there, don't get all butt hurt! I love you too. But as a Scorpio Moon, I've spent hours studying this dark and brooding sign just so I can understand why I feel everything so intensely, all the damn time! In a nutshell, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, God of the Underworld. That means that Scorpios don't like to dwell on the surface, they need to dive headfirst into the dark, uncomfortable, mysterious side of life in order to feel truly alive. And let me tell you---Scorpios don't half-ass anything, they are all or nothing. They're either all in, or they don't give a fuck---or at least that's how they'll appear on the outside. Despite their cool and reserved demeanor, on the inside Scorpios care immensely, about everything and everyone, about the state of the world, about the animals, the environment, the disenfranchised and the outliers. They can see---in plain sight---the wounds of the world and their purpose is to make sense of these wounds so that they can be healed. Scorpios are highly intuitive and compassionate, though they may not always show it. Since they're motivated by power and control, they'll bottle up their emotions and withhold information in order to protect themselves. It's never out of cold-heartedness, it's a self-defense mechanism. When it comes to love, Scorpios love fiercely. They are extremely loyal and protective over their loved ones, and it's for this reason they don't let people in easily or often. They simply can't afford to be careless with who they trust because they pour so much of themselves into their relationships. If you know or love a Scorpio, loyalty and authenticity go a long way. The world would be a terrifyingly dark place if it weren't for the healing power of these shadow warriors. Sending all my love and birthday wishes to you Scorpions out there... ❤


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