It's Taurus season, baby!

The Sun enters Taurus today, where it will remain until May 21st. Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus, so it is a very loving, affectionate, grounded energy---something we could probably use right now after all these watery transits we've been experiencing over the past few months.

Taurus loves beauty, the arts, and spending time in nature, perhaps even working in a garden. Taurus is an affectionate, sensual sign who is loyal to his/her closest loved ones. Yet it is no secret that Taurus also has a temper, and is known for being stubborn. You do not want to poke the bull!

Taurus likes to be in charge as she has her own way of doing things. He will dedicate himself to his work if he believes in it and is able to support other people, but does not like to be bossed around.

Taurus, being a fixed earth sign, also values stability and security, and doesn't like change. The corresponding tarot card for Taurus in the Major Arcana is The Hierophant. This card represents traditional values and beliefs, government and parental authority, the church, and marriage.

Given this strong desire for stability and tradition, Taurus might feel quite uncomfortable over the next few days as the Sun forms a conjunction to Uranus, the planet of rebellion and upheaval. Uranus loves to instigate change and often requires us to reinvent or reinterpret some of our beliefs and traditions that have become stagnant or outdated. Uranus is currently in the sign of Taurus, where it will hang out until 2026, so change and upheaval are on the menu for the next several years. This Sun/Uranus conjunction may give us all a taste of the change that is to come.

Over the next four weeks, use the energy of Taurus to help you work on important projects, spend more time in nature, visit an art gallery, or go to a show or concert. The Sun/Uranus conjunction over the next few days may also bring unexpected changes, events or people, so be open-minded and be willing to take some risks. A reevaluation of how you relate to money and your possessions may also be in order.

To learn more about how Taurus season will affect you based on your zodiac sign, please check out my YouTube channel.

Sending you all warmth and love,


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