Uranus in Taurus - Personal Impact

This Wednesday, March 6th, 2019, Uranus leaves Aries, the sign of self, and re-enters Taurus, the sign of money, security, and nature, where it will remain until 2026. It takes Uranus 84 years to cycle through the zodiac, so for most people reading this article, this is your very first Uranus in Taurus transit and it will likely be your last.

Uranus is the planet of revolution and upheaval. It is the planet of the future, and as such he governs modern science, technology, invention, new discoveries, and humanitarianism. Taurus, a fixed Earth sign ruled by Venus, oversees government, banking, finance, material possessions, weather, land, agriculture, beauty and the arts. When you have a fixed sign like Taurus meeting with a rebellious planet like Uranus, there's bound to be some tension. The last time the world experienced a Uranus in Taurus transit was from 1934-1942. This time in history was characterized by the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, the rise of dictatorship (Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini), followed by the beginning of World War II and the Holocaust. To read more about how this transit will affect the human collective over the next 7 years, click here.

So how will this transit affect you? Uranus will likely do a complete renovation in whichever house Taurus naturally rules in your birth chart, and the area(s) of your life represented by that house will experience lasting change. The 1st house rules the self, the 2nd house rules jobs, money, and possessions, the 3rd house oversees mind and communication, the 4th house represents home, family, and the mother, the 5th house is romance, creativity, and children, 6th house rules health, fitness, work habits and service to others, 7th house marriage and partnerships, 8th house rules taxes, loans, inheritances, as well as sex and death, the 9th house rules higher learning, wisdom and travel, 10th house rules career, fame, reputation, and the father, the 11th house is friends, community and humanitarianism, and the 12th house rules endings, karma, the subconscious and spirituality. If you would like a personalized reading on how this transit will affect your life over the next 7 years, click here.

On a broad scale, each of us will likely have to re-evaluate how we relate to money, our possessions, and our resources, as well as our relationship with the Earth, agriculture, beauty and the arts. All these areas will be up for review.

Brace yourselves, theses next 7 years may be chaotic, but the lasting change they will bring will alter your world, and our world, for the better.

To your growth and success,


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