Venus enters Gemini

Venus, the planet of love, beauty and self-worth has now left the stable, grounded energy of Taurus and moved into flirty, social Gemini. Gemini rules communication, thought processes, learning, fun, social activities and travel. Gemini is one of the free spirits of the zodiac and does not like to be tied down or confined in any way (outside the bedroom, that is). So what happens when the goddess Venus enters the extroverted sign of Gemini? Choices, choices, choices! Infinite abundance, my friends. Do I want to go to the movies, or check out the latest Broadway show? Perhaps a music concert! Do I want to learn Italian, or take that painting class? Should I train for a triathlon, or do that 8-week yoga program? Is the person I'm currently dating helping me to grow, or are they holding me back? Gemini gets a bad rap for being flaky, superficial, and unfaithful. As with all stereotypes, I caution everyone to avoid these generalizations. Yes, sometimes these stereotypes can be true, but they can apply to other signs as well. Besides, each sign has something important to teach us, and all 12 signs are equally important. One thing that Gemini can teach us is not to allow any circumstance or individual hold you back or keep you from shining your bright light on the world. We live in an abundant universe full of opportunities and chances to experience love and joy. Don't limit yourself by looking for fulfillment in just one place, as that can lead to stagnation. So, over the next month while Venus dwells in this super curious and adventurous sign, do yourself a favor: get out there, take risks, try something new, expand your sense of self. Love, Caroline

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