Vultures, midterm elections, and new beginnings...

Anne Senechal Faust, “Head Study: Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture,” 1981, pen and ink on paper, © Woodson Art Museum 2017

Yesterday morning I saw a large vulture perched on top of the building next to my apartment. I like to take particular note of nature and animal signs, and this one felt significant, though I didn’t know what it meant at the time. This morning as I left my house to go vote, I felt a palpable energy of hope and change in the air. As I turned onto the street where my polling place was located, a vulture flew right over my car. Okay, now I understand your message, Mr. Vulture.

I cannot think of a better symbol for these elections than the vulture. Vultures represent death and the ending of a cycle, and pave the way for rebirth and the beginning of a new cycle. It is well known that vultures play an important role in nature: by consuming dead carcasses, they help prevent diseases and infections from spreading to other animals, thus keeping the environment clean and in balance (source: Ted Andrews). It is evident that our current political climate is one of turmoil, toxicity, dishonesty and disunity. Vulture teaches us that if we want to restore balance to our society and to our government, we must identify what is toxic---what no longer serves us---and get rid of it.

This omen comes at a perfect time as tomorrow is the New Moon in Scorpio. The New Moon is about manifestation, new actions, and bringing forth change. Residing in the sign of Scorpio, this moon asks that we explore the deep caverns of our psyche to see what demons and diamonds (sometimes they are one and the same) reside there and what needs to come to the surface in order for us to make changes. The current state of our government is a reflection of our current American society. What we are dissatisfied with in our government is what we are dissatisfied with in ourselves. If we want to bring about change in Washington, then we must first take a look in our collective mirror. . .

Healing takes time and courage, but we will get there if we have the willingness to dig deep. Looking forward to seeing what new reality we bring forth together.

With love,


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