Wtih a 60-minute session, I do a significant amount of preparation beforehand in analyzing your birth chart to best assist you in finding the guidance and clarity you're looking for. During our discussion, I can help you to better understand your personality, purpose in life, as well as look deeper into your career circumstances and potential. We can talk about your love language, look into a specific relationship, or discuss when a relationship may be on the horizon for you. 


In digging deeper into your story, I may ask questions about your childhood as relates to the evolution of your soul and your mission here on Earth. Of course this will be in accordance with your comfort level and what you're willing to share. If you're a new client and you have questions, please book your free consultation with me and I'll be happy to discuss how this session can best serve you. 


When making your purchase, please provide birthdate (month/day/year), birthplace (city/state), and birth time if you have it in the notes/comment section of the form. This helps me to provide the most accurate and personalized reading. All information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with outside parties. Please see my Privacy Policy for more information. 

60-Minute Astrology Session

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