Working with spirit animal guides can be incredibly beneficial in helping you to tap into energies you might otherwise struggle to access, be it strength, creativity, courage, whatever the case may be.  Shadow animals, specifically, are spirit beings that dwell in the darker realms and represent our fears and insecurities. When we work with shadow animals we can retrieve parts of our soul by navigating our fears and reclaiming our power.


For this service, I will go into deep meditation, tapping into your aura, and will journey to retrieve your shadow animal from the lower world. 


For this service, I will need from you:

-Your full name (first and last)

-Your birthday (MM/DD/YYYY)

-The reason you are seeking this service (e.g. what fears are you grappling with at the moment? What do you need help with? If unsure or just curious, say "unspecified")


Once finished, I will send you a custom PDF report (approx. 5 pages) with your shadow animal's specific message and guidance for you. Within 3 business days of purchasing this service, you will receive a PDF (approx. 5 pages) with your Shadow Animal, your specific message, and ways you can channel your animal to help you.


DISCLAIMER: I cannot perform this service on behalf of any other person without their consent. 

Shadow Animal Reading

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