Sessions are done via phone call, Skype, or pre-recorded video.


If you prefer in person readings, please click here.

Astrology Services


Astrology is the blueprint of your soul and your life plan in this incarnation. Consider it the fast-track to discovering who you are and what will make you happy. The location of the planets in the sky at the time of your birth provide the key to understanding your personality, career goals, relationship style, as well as your life purpose. This is just the foundation. Next, when you take into consideration the current movement of each of the planets (called transits) throughout your birth chart as you progress through each month, year, or period of years, you begin to see how these universal events can signal times of transition and change. By using the stars and planets as your guide, you become empowered in your understanding of who you are, and can start making real progress in achieving your goals and finding lasting fulfillment in all areas of your life.

spiritual counseling


Navigating the murky and often turbulent waters of life can be challenging at times, but it doesn't have to be. It has been my experience that Spirit will move heaven and earth in order to reach out to you, whether it be through signs, symbolic dreams, repeated numbers, animal spirits, etc.


If you are on the spiritual journey and would like to learn more about connecting with the divine, I can help. Topics I cover include intuitive development, the evolution of your soul across lifetimes, communication with your spirit guides, accessing your Akashic records and recovering past lives, dream analysis, signs, symbols, and numerology. We can also discuss metaphysical topics such as the nature of our Universe, fate, destiny, and karma.


The format and discussion for this session can be custom-tailored to your own individual needs. Please reach out to me should you have any questions.  


Tarot Services

While astrology can help illuminate the overarching framework of your life, tarot card readings help fill in the details and get straight to the nitty-gritty. I like to think of tarot and oracle cards as being an allegory for the hero's journey---each card represents common themes, elements, main characters, action steps, obstacles and successes that affect every human being as they travel through life. The selection and placement of each card in your reading will help tell you what themes, characters, and obstacles are at play in your current situation, and how you can work through them. 


When I do card readings, I act as a channel for Spirit to give you loving guidance regarding areas of your life where you'd like some clarity. I should mention that while I can see future possibilities, nothing is guaranteed because the future is based on choice and isn't set in stone. If there's one thing your spirit guides want you to know, it's that you are the brilliant and magnificent creator of your destiny. I can help give you clarity, but what you do next is up to you. 

What I can do is help you see the pros and cons of a situation, challenges to overcome, and lessons to be learned. I can help you look into soul connections and contracts to better understand your relationships with others, and we can also take a look at career, finances, health, major life changes, etc. to help you see what might be the next best moves for you to make.

Not sure which service is right for you? No Problem.

Contact me and we'll customize something for your needs. 

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